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Thu Nov 20 13:34:50 PST 2003

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> third time around - don't know what happened to the two other posts - 
> they
> showed up & then disappeared

The first two came through just fine.

> I've downloaded the three files:
> 1. gerard-beekmans-pubkey.gpg
> 2. lfs-packages-5.0.tar.asc
> 3. lfs-packages-5.0.tar
> How do I go about using files 1 and 2 above to authenticate file 3 above?
> If the answer is blindlingly obvious to you then please resist the urge 
> to
> jump up and down on my head - we all have to start somewhere - if you can
> help then pointers to chapter and verse in words of not more than two
> syllables would be very much appreciated
> thanx
> p.s. my email address is 'munged' - at least I know enough to try and 
> steer
> clear of the spambots

I currently don't use gpg or pgp currently so I can't give you specifics, 
but I can tell you that you probably need to set up a trust path to 
Gerard's key and then uses the gpg program with arguments of the key and 
the file you want to check with some options im sure. If you want specific 
instructions, you'll have to catch someone's eye that has more gpg 
experience than myself.

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