/etc/rc.d/init.d/rc:line 1:/bin/stty:no such file or directory

weasel weasel at beyondnormal.org
Thu Nov 20 11:21:34 PST 2003

weasel wrote:
> sha ying wrote:
>>    hi,
>>    I have installed LFS-5.0,but I have found some problem.
>>    when I leave the "/tools" directory, everything is ok.
>>    can login , can run "ls" etc .
>>    thanks in advance.
>>     sha ying.
> Are you sure this started happening cause you deleted the tools dir? 
> Check the "Creating devices (Makedev-1.7)" section of the LFS book.  Did 
> you run MAKEDEV with the generic-nopty option?  If so did you enable 
> devpts in your kernel?  You also might have forgotten to compile bash or 
> something in chapter 6...thus you were still running using the one in 
> /tools.
> Nick

Or is it possible that you forgot to readjust your tool chain in chapter 6?


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