LFS 4.0 CDROM installation issues

lanas lanas at t-online.de
Wed Nov 19 09:55:10 PST 2003

  Pardon me if this is not the right forum.  In this case, just tell me
and I'll use the right one.

  This is about installing a LFS system from a bootable CDROM on a PC's
hard disk. I have a few questions and comments that I'd like to share.

  When installing from a CD. which is itself made from a LFS system, is
there a need to build a static tree at all on the target hard disk ?  Is
it possible to proceed directly to a dynamic build since the source
itself (the LFS-built CD) would be no different from the target ?  

  If so, is it then possible in the same vein to build a CD from a i486
LFS system, skip the static part when installing on the target, and use
a different -march parameter(i.e. i686 for instance) for the
installation ?

  I've tried this way: I booted from the CD (LFS 4.0) with an initrd
disk containing all the /bin /sbin and /lib components from a LFS system
(fits in 15 Mb).  The CDROM also has a copy of the full LFS /usr
directory to which a link in the ram disk is made:

  cd /
  rm -fr /usr  (it contained only keyboard mapping stuuf)
  ln -s /mnt/cdrom/usr

  This gives, I think, a full LFS system.  The CDROM also has of course
all the packages needed to build the dynamic version of a LFS system
(still 4.0 - I haven't upgraded yet). These packages are copied to the
new hard disk (after partitioning, formatting and mounting) as well as a
few installation scripts.  A new tree is made, and it's ready to go.

  At this point is it necessary to chroot into the new tree since
there's no need to 'protect' the host against faul manipulations ?  Or
do we loose a complete indepency if there's no chroot ?

  I assumed without much thinking that I would do it anyhow.  So I made
a "mount --bind" link to the root of the ram disk only to find out that
this way it's not possible to chroot, at least not with the regular
chroot command as given in the book.  Wanting to give the installation a
try and putting this detail for later I copied a static tree I had on
the new hard disk and then made the chroot and went on with the
compiling of packages.  So far it still compiles happily.  I'm using
VMware to test this, booting from an ISO image and using a virtual IDE
hard disk.

Comments appreciated.



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