I forgot to keep BINUTILS second stage

weasel weasel at beyondnormal.org
Mon Nov 17 21:55:12 PST 2003

Jeroen Coumans wrote:
> Hi weasel. You said the following on 11/18/03 02:40:
>> Jeroen Coumans wrote:
>>> Hi llista. You said the following on 11/18/03 18:52:
>>>> I have to reinstall everithig<????
>>>> Can I rescue anything?¿?  so.. where I must re start my compilation 
>>>> from¿?¿??
>>> When in doubt - restart from the beginning with a clean partition. 
>>> From a practical point of view, in my experience, this is almost 
>>> always faster then trying to figure out where you made the error. And 
>>> from an educational point of view, you learn from making mistakes. So 
>>> consider yourself lucky! (but always consult the FAQ in case of 
>>> problems :-) )
>>> Have fun,
>> restarting doesnt teach you anything expect how to follow the book 
>> like a zombie.  Even though you can zip through it, and basicly copy 
>> and paste all the commands, it is still intended to be a guide and not 
>> a howto.  Try and fix or work with your mistakes teaches the proper 
>> way of doing things.  If you learn to correct you mistakes, soon you 
>> will be able to replace virtually any part of your system, with out 
>> ever having to start all over again.
>> When you have 'screwed' something up in most cases it can be fixed and 
>> is generally not as hard as it seems.  It only seems difficult because 
>> you have never done it before.
> Of course, but you need to have experience and some groundwork already. 
> There's a difference in "following the book", which you suggest, and 
> "reading the book", which I suggest. And, if someone isn't capable of 
> debugging this it's better to restart so you're sure you have a good 
> system. This applies to most first-time LFS'ers, and plenty of other 
> people too. Let's be honest: the new build method is anything _but_ 
> simple and causes trouble even for long-time LFS'ers. There's never any 
> harm in re-reading the book; it will also show you information you 
> didn't understand previously, or maybe just forgot, and is thus a very 
> educational experience. Note that I suggest *reading*, not following the 
> book.
I'm pretty sure that in my first response to this thread, I suggested 
'reading the book'.  More specifically, I suggested 'reading' the 
paragraph right below the command that the original poster said failed.

if you read my reply above you will see that I am _not_ suggesting 
"following the book" [like a zombie] but infact denouncing it.  Basicly 
everthing I said in my previous email boils down to this:  If you going 
to blindly copy and paste from the book, then don't bother, just use a 

I'm still not quite sure where in your response you suggested "reading 
the book".  Starting over should never be your first option, it should 
be your last.


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