I forgot to keep BINUTILS second stage

Robert R. Russell rrbrussell at cox.net
Tue Nov 18 14:44:33 PST 2003

llista wrote:
> Hi,
> I've make a mistake andi want to know until my system have been lost.  I 
> explain...
> When I compile GLIBC 2.3.2 in chroot mode, evething  woked well and make 
> check didn't get any error. I installed locals y were well too. The 
> problem appeared whren i was going to ajust the tools with the BINUTILS 
> stored in stage 2. I realized that it were been erased.

Erasing binutils, done that a few times myself. If I delet chapter 5's 
binutils I rebuild it by doing the following before readjusting the 
1.	unpack the binutils tarball
2.	configure it
3.	make configure-host
4.	follow the instructions to setup binutils for chapter 6
5.	readjust the toolchain
6.	perform the sanity check, the interpreter should be in /lib if not 
either troubleshoot or erase everything and redo chapter 5


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