Date/Time Crash in Control Panel of KDE-3.1.4

Antony Chang yungchen at
Tue Nov 18 14:41:15 PST 2003

Hi, please forgive my bad english. I am new to Linux, and also happy that I 
have installed LFS 5.0 successfully, I built it with Suse 7.2 host in another 
partition. My system arch. is i386. Next I followed BLFS to install X (with 
DRI enabled), all needed libraries, dhcpcd and KDE-3.1.4. I think so far 
almost everything works just fine, except one thing. If I choose Date/Time in 
Control Panel, sometimes it crashes sometimes not. But if I select Adjust 
Date/Time on the date/time panel, it works OK everytime. Please help me. I 
dont know what went wrong. Many Thanks to all of you wonderful guys behind 

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