I forgot to keep BINUTILS second stage

Yann E. MORIN yann.morin.1998 at anciens.enib.fr
Tue Nov 18 10:54:15 PST 2003

Once upon a time (on Tuesday 18 November 2003 02:40), weasel wrote :
 > Try and fix or work with your mistakes teaches the proper way of
 > doing things.  If you learn to correct you mistakes, soon you will be
 > able to replace virtually any part of your system, with out ever having
 > to start all over again.

Agreed., but some times it's better to start all again. For example,
the process of building LFS is so complicated, that I'd rather start
again than live with the risk of having tainted tools (specifically,
the toolchain is a so complicated combination of tools and tricks to
configure it, that it's virtually impossible to mend it so it is as
pure as if you had not made the mistake).

 > When you have 'screwed' something up in most cases it can be fixed and
 > is generally not as hard as it seems.  It only seems difficult because
 > you have never done it before.

Hmm. Recently, I've messed up with gcc when I installed gcc-3.3.2 on
LFS-4.1 (gcc-3.2.1), that almost nothing was working again (that was
due to /usr/lib/libstdc++.so to be pointed to the nmew version, thus
programs compiled with the old gcc would not dynamically link the new
lib, nor would they find the old one...). Because this is a very severe
corruption of my system, I'll be upgrading to LFS-5.0, just because of
this, although it's functionnal, it's rock solid (no crash of anything
so far), there are a lot of thing installed (BLFS++), but it's too
high a risk...


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