I forgot to keep BINUTILS second stage

weasel weasel at beyondnormal.org
Mon Nov 17 17:32:35 PST 2003

llista wrote:
> Hi,
> I've make a mistake andi want to know until my system have been lost.  I 
> explain...
> When I compile GLIBC 2.3.2 in chroot mode, evething  woked well and make 
> check didn't get any error. I installed locals y were well too. The 
> problem appeared whren i was going to ajust the tools with the BINUTILS 
> stored in stage 2. I realized that it were been erased.
> In addition, i made a second mitake...  that was to open a new terminal 
> (without chroot mode) and configure and compile binutils like in stage 2 
> .  This compilations failed. I didn't intalled them..
> Then i tried  to re enter in chroot mode and perform   make -C ld 
> INSTALL=/tools/bin/install install   ( as in the book says) and i didn't 
> reach it  :(   it failed
> Then i saw that book told that it wasn't necessary to keep the BINUTILS 
> stage 2 stored. so i remembered that my glibc compilation worked well, I 
> tried to perform the dummy test
> now I perform    gcc dummy.c and the shell doesn't answer me..
> Somebody can tell me I have make a tragedy?¿?
> I have to reinstall everithig<????
> Can I rescue anything?¿?  so.. where I must re start my compilation 
> from¿?¿??
> Thanks in advanced  :)
> PD: Sorry about my english
Please read the "Locking in" Glibc section completely....it addresses 
this specific issue.
You can continue, but its possible that some packages will be linked 
against your host system, instead of the /tools.  This is not always bad 
(depending on your definition of bad), but you could end up with a dirty 
tool chain.


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