LFS without devel packages.

Shane Shields locutus at all.at
Tue Nov 18 07:14:54 PST 2003

"Paul Campbell" <paul at multimedia-campbell.com> wrote in message
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> I have pondered for a while on how best to build an LFS without the devel
> stuff.  I can see two methods.
> 1.  Build the LFS as normal, then strip symbols, static libs, includes,
> groff, make, auto{conf,make} and so on and so forth.
> 2.  Build the LFS as normal, then use it to build a new kernel, bash,
> and so on.  Just not build gcc etc.  Then remove the glibc and any
> installed.
> I suppose there might be other methods too.  My main use for such a system
> would be boot CDs and custom systems for mailservers and firewalls etc.
> Thanks for any suggestions.

3. Build LFS under an rpm or similar package managment system and seperate
each package into binary and developement modules. Then you can install as
much or little as you like.
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