LFS 5.0 is a serious problem

Shane Shields locutus at all.at
Tue Nov 18 04:44:14 PST 2003

"^(o,o)^ Turk2000" <acnrvi at tin.it> wrote in message
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>  Whi? This procedure took about 40% less time than LFS 5.0 traditional.
> Now I have the whole suite updated at november 2003. I'm not going to
> polemize but i think an excellent book as LFS should report both static
> and dynamic methods.

Shortcuts always take less time in the short run but lead to problems on the
long run. By taking this shortcut, yes you do have a working linux system
but is it correct? If you understand the reasons why the LFS 5.0 method is
used you would be able to answer yourself that your system is not correctly
built. People who take shortcuts dont understand the road. Its your distro
so its your rules. I also dont build my systems entirely by the book but I
understand every step and why it was chosen. My build methods follow the
book and my differences are minor. If something goes wrong I can fix it.
>From your comments and attitude you dont understand every step and you dont
want to understand why thus defeating the books main purpose of education.
Your build method, although workable has problems and was dropped for very
specific reasons. When you realise what those reasons are you will also
realise that LFS 5.0 is not the serious problem here.

My apologies to all for this large and if taken the wrong way flamable post.
Ive had my say and wont say anything more.

Shane Shields

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