patching problem

S. Anthony Sequeira tony at
Mon Nov 17 13:02:33 PST 2003

On Mon, 17 Nov 2003 14:43:45 -0600, Josh Fisher penned:

> i'm having problems with applying most patch files ... the format for the
> type of error i'm getting is
> patch: ******malformed patch at line 92: "ogram\r\n");
> looking at the patch file, it looks like there's a break at the end of the
> previous line between
> pr and ogram so i manually fixed that and reapplied the patch, but there
> was a similar problem below that, etc.  i tried running patch with the
> --ignore-whitespace option but that didn't work.  i'm using bash 2.05a in
> debian.  i'm sure there's an easy way to get around this, but i've been
> reading man pages and archived mailing lists for a few hours now and am at
> wits end.  thanks for any advice.

I believe you have DOS format files, which require both the new line
'\r' and carriage return '\n'.  This is possibly due to how you ftp'd your
files.  Easy way is to run dos2unix on the affected files.  I'm sure that
Debian has a package.


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