LFS 5.0 is a serious problem

Maui maui_covenant at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 17 08:52:06 PST 2003

"Matthew Burgess" <matthew at linuxfromscratch.org> wrote....

> > Now, if there were a way to do it without having to already have
> > some Linux
> > distribution installed.  :D
> Knoppix, Chris Lingard's/Jeremy Utley's boot CDs, FAQ?  No need to even
> have anything on your hard drive then other than what LFS puts there.

I have tried to use Knoppix to build an LFS5.0 system on a machine with only
1 linux partition but I had to give up because GCC (ch6) did not compile
(make complained A LOT about /dev/null having no permissions and apparently
hung in an infinite loop and I had to kill it).
So I did the job on another machine with a free partition using LFS4.1 as
host system and everything went smoothly.

Is there some trick to make things work with Knoppix or was it just bad
luck? (I sticked to the book in every detail)


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