grub-0.93-debian-pixmap.patch is bad

Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Sun Nov 16 01:18:04 PST 2003

In article <200311161052.39507.semzx at>, Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:
> On Sunday 16 November 2003 06:42, Tushar Teredesai wrote:
>> Jeremy Utley wrote:
>> >I had submitted the grub patch, and at the time, it had worked - now it's
>> > not. And, I'm having trouble finding the correct patch now.
>> >
>> >Tushar, I know you monitor this list - can you pull the debian pixmap
>> > patch off patches, until I (or someone else) can find the correct patch? 
>> > Looking at resources, it seems Debian included the support into a
>> > tarball, and I hate to submit a diff between debian's tarball and the
>> > stock tarball, because it would include a lot more than the pixmap
>> > support.
> Download both the original version and a patch from Debian. The graphics.diff 
> patch is in debian/patches. Unfortunately, it applies only to the CVS version 
> of GRUB (e.g. the one from debian), not to GRUB 0.93.

Exactly - we don't want Debian's customized grub, we want a patch that
enables pixmap support to apply against the stock grub 0.93 sources, and I
don't have the required programming knowledge to actually backport the
stuff from the debian tarball to apply to stock 0.93.

And also, this really belongs in BLFS-Support, since the pixmap patch is
not technically part of the LFS book.


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