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> Hello,
> After installing the LFS system I have a little problem regarding my boot loader. My host system was a Debian woody on one disk (hde2) but I built the LFS system on a second disk (hdg2). I wanted to get rid of the first disk, leaving disk no.2 as the new hde2 and THIS seems to be a problem (since I'm not that familiar with lilo or grub).
> I couldn't get grub to even boot my system, so I decided to install lilo. Lilo boots my system (I can choose one kernel, one backup kernel or windows) but if I have to re-run lilo after installing a new kernel, it doesn't affect the boot menu.
> >From Debian, within chroot, I ran 'lilo -b /dev/hdg2' to get this far. After removing the Debian disk (and by this changing my LFS system from hdg to hde) I killed my MBR when playing with the paramters of lilo (to get it to work).
> Any suggestions?

There's a hint in LFS "boot any hd" that sounds like it might give you
some needed information. Essentially, the critical pieces in there for
you should be the "bios=" parameters which will allow you to set up your
second HD to boot while you are running from either one.

Once you've booted on that second disk, modify the lilo.conf to now
expect your 2nd drive as the first, run lilo and then reboot.

As always, when playing with boot stuff *be sure* you have a rescue
floppy of some kind handy. Also, use dd to save your boot block (if it's
not too late already) somewhere you can get it again, in case you blow
it big-time.

If the hint doesn't get you going, post again with more details and I'll
try and help out. But, *warning*, I can get quite cranky if you don't
first try to read and understand and carefully think. I have other
things that have my interest ATM.

> bye, Tobias

> P.P.S.: Sorry for my english!

No apology necessary: we are quite "international" here.  :)

Bill Maltby
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