boot loader problem

Tobias Mohrlüder tobias.m81 at
Sat Nov 15 13:25:41 PST 2003


After installing the LFS system I have a little problem regarding my boot loader. My host system was a Debian woody on one disk (hde2) but I built the LFS system on a second disk (hdg2). I wanted to get rid of the first disk, leaving disk no.2 as the new hde2 and THIS seems to be a problem (since I'm not that familiar with lilo or grub).
I couldn't get grub to even boot my system, so I decided to install lilo. Lilo boots my system (I can choose one kernel, one backup kernel or windows) but if I have to re-run lilo after installing a new kernel, it doesn't affect the boot menu.
>From Debian, within chroot, I ran 'lilo -b /dev/hdg2' to get this far. After removing the Debian disk (and by this changing my LFS system from hdg to hde) I killed my MBR when playing with the paramters of lilo (to get it to work). 

Any suggestions?

bye, Tobias

P.S.: My disks are /hde and /hdg because of the on-board Promise ATA100 Controller. 

P.P.S.: Sorry for my english!
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