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> I've looked through the FAQ and I didnt see anything to help me there(I think).  I want to know if its ok to delete the unpacked sources after issuing the commands to install the package.  But sometimes I see command to create symlinks that "appear"(Im not completly sure)to link a file thats in the source/build directory.  If I delete that, then it would work right?  Heres an example...
> In the first pass of installing GCC http://lfs.130th.net/lfs/view/stable/chapter05/gcc-pass1.html
> the last command says
> ln -sf gcc /tools/bin/cc
> I dont know that much about symlinks but it appears the me that if I delete the gcc-3.3.1 and the gcc-build directory, then the symlink will cease to exist.
> Can someone help me w/ this?

Briefly, the command is not doing what you think it is. The result is a
symlink in /tools/bin, named cc, that points to gcc in that same

But I recommend four things: have some faith that 99.9% of things in the
book are correct; because of good testing and knowledge, "man" is your
friend (man ln); if something looks pretty safe to test (due caution is
required, of course) test first; if you are new to a lot of this, use
the references mentioned in the early parts of the book to increase your


Bill Maltby
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