glibc install,ch 6

Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Sat Nov 15 09:31:53 PST 2003

Hi Allard Welter. You said the following on 11/15/03 15:43:

> Fair enough, but if you follow the link from the book for grep-2.5.1 for 
> example, freshmeat sends you to (as does the grep homepage), 
> which tells you:
> "The following files are not available because their authenticity is
> being confirmed.  We expect to have them uploaded Real Soon Now (RSN)."
> It took me a while to find "authentic" versions of these packages.

That's why the above page was created (all mirrors also have MD5sums)... 
it is referenced in LFS book isn't it? If not, you could have found it 
via the FAQ. Anyway, now you know it exists :)

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