LFS 5.0 is a serious problem

Dale Weber lfs-support at thedynaplex.net
Sat Nov 15 09:22:15 PST 2003

On Saturday 15 November 2003 06:43 am, Ronald Hummelink wrote:

> You failed to perform the "locking in" tests or didn't understand you
> had a failure there from the output of it. LFS 5.0 is not hard, you just
> have to read and follow the book, but that is not changed from previous
> versions.

	I got through my first full LFS (v5.0) build just fine, by the book.  :D

	Now, if there were a way to do it without having to already have some Linux 
distribution installed.  :D  I think I will do it next time with just a very 
minimal RedHat setup installed.  It would be possible to do it without even 
having X installed on a distribution, using Lynx, although having Mozilla 
available makes things much nicer.

	I saved my toolchain from the LFS preparation steps.  Could I just use that 
to bootstrap myself and start building the real LFS if I have my /tools/bin 
directory in my path?  If so, I may be able to get by with a very minimal 
RedHat (or any other distribution) setup to get myself started.

	Now that I have been through this once, all the way into BLFS, I want to do a 
fresh build, hopefully avoiding the mistakes I made this time around.  As 
long as I don't format the partitions I have inportant stuff on, like my 
sources and home partitions, I should be able to save myself quite a bit of 
time for the next build.

	I tried building a GNOME 2.4 setup, but it didn't work entirely (as I 
expected, being a development type thing), but it looks pretty good just the 
same.  I'll stick with WindowMaker and KDE for my X desktops.  :)  GNOME 2.4 
has me interested in GNOME again though.

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