LFS 5.0 is a serious problem

acnrvi at tin.it acnrvi at tin.it
Sat Nov 15 06:58:37 PST 2003

>-- Messaggio originale --

>You failed to perform the "locking in" tests or didn't understand you
>had a failure there from the output of it. LFS 5.0 is not hard, you just
>have to read and follow the book, but that is not changed from previous

thank you, i have just found the solution, it's specified in the FAQ


"With the new Ch 5 build procedure, the most common cause of this problem
is forgetting to apply the specs patch."

but i will follow LFS 4.0 it's most easy than LFS 5.0 with his insane patches
for each packages. Thank you!


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