LFS 5.0 is a serious problem

Ronald Hummelink maillist at hummelink.xs4all.nl
Sat Nov 15 06:43:54 PST 2003

On Sat, 2003-11-15 at 16:27, ^(o,o)^ Turk2000 wrote:
> On Sat, 15 Nov 2003, Bill's LFS Login said me 8-)
>  #-lfsbil -# Not likely to happen. *Many* folks have used the
>  #-lfsbil -# new procedures successfully. Maybe if you posted
>  #-lfsbil -# some useful information, someone could help you
>  #-lfsbil -# past your troubles.
>  generally LFS 4.0 it's easy to build and it has less checks to perform.
>  LFS 5.0: it's work if and only if i do a cut and paste from /lib on old
>  system (built with LFS 4.0) to both /tools/lib and /mnt/lfs/lib, but it
>  does not seem a good solution, if not i get:
>  /tools/bin/env: no such file or directory
>  /tools/bin/bash: no such file or directory
>  /tools/bin/gcc: no such file or directory

You failed to perform the "locking in" tests or didn't understand you
had a failure there from the output of it. LFS 5.0 is not hard, you just
have to read and follow the book, but that is not changed from previous

>  and so away when i do chroot... I'm sure to have apply fine the LFS 5.0
>  procedures.
>  #-lfsbil -#
>  #-lfsbil -# Did you consider requesting some help for your
>  #-lfsbil -# problem rather than requesting a return to old
>  #-lfsbil -# methods? Did tou look at the FAQ to see if your
>  IMO the old methods are quick: 18 vs 26 steps.
>  #-lfsbil -# problems are mentioned in there? Did you search
>  #-lfsbil -# the mailing list archives to see if your
>  #-lfsbil -# solution is in past postings? Did you read the
>  #-lfsbil -# section in the book about requesting help?
>  i have not found a solution throught the FAQ :(
>  Thank you.
>  Turk
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