More USB successes with LFS

Dale Weber lfs-support at
Fri Nov 14 11:04:02 PST 2003


	I finally got around to building X-Windows, WindowMaker, and KDE 3.1.4 under 
LFS, so have had a chance to test my USB solution.  So far as I have tested 
my solution, it is working.  My USB trackball works fine in X, with both 
windowing environments.

	I just have to finish polishing up my init script so it conforms to the way 
the others work in showing the PASS/FAIL status and such.  I still need to 
quiet the script down too, so it doesn't spew a lot of stuff we really don't 
need to see at startup.

	I have not tested my USB keyboard with this setup yet, but I suspect it will 
work without too much tweaking.  All I had to do to get my trackball working 
was to make sure I had the proper devices made in /dev. I just copied the 
devices from my RH setup, but that isn't a good solution.  I really need to 
properly create those devices using mknod and a little script.

	All the needed modules are being loaded at system startup now. :D  Hmmm, I 
guess I am going to have to write some documentation on this now. :)

	I haven't decided if I still want to in corporate my USB init code into the 
main startup script or not, but right now I am thinking I will not do that.  
What I have works, and it does conform to the SysV Init format, so it's a 
reasonable solution.

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