LFS 5.0 chapter 6, removing linux-2.4.22 directory

Paul Campbell paul at multimedia-campbell.com
Thu Nov 13 11:23:12 PST 2003

You "can" remove it.

If you do, you will obviously have to return it when you want to rebuild the
Kernel.  You will delete your .config when you remove it too, unless you
back it up.

There are draw backs though.  If you later need to compile a module, you
should get away with the includes that are copied to /usr/include, but...
you might not, especially if you ever upgrade a kernel version, then you
need the includes in /usr/src/linux/include  as these are the running
kernel, the ones in /usr/include need to remain constant with the compile
of glibc, -as I understand it-.

I would leave it where it is, at least in the last chapter of making the LFS
bootable.  If it's taking up too much space (about 140Mb) you can move it,
or tar.bz2 it.  Be careful to label the tar ball "dirty" or something.

If you do delete it, remember to back up your config with a command like:
cp .config /mnt/backups/k-2.4.22-config

and reinstate it after make mrproper, before make dep, you need to run 
make menuconfig
yes "" | make oldconfig
To establish the old config file though.

Tom Scott wrote:

> I just finished LFS 5.0 chapter 6, section 6.10 "Installing LInux-2.4.22
> headers". I assume the same general rule applies here in chapter 6 as it
> did in chapter 5, namely, to remove the source directories when I'm
> finished with them, unless told otherwise.
> The reason I'm a little wary about removing the directory -- other than my
> general paranoia about this exciting but rather daunting project -- is
> this sentence: "the Linux kernel source tree is often kept around for a
> long time". I assume that refers to the source tree after I've finished
> the whole LFS 5.0 book, not an intermediate source directory that I happen
> to have unpacked during chapter 6.
> Unless I hear otherwise from someone on this list, i'm going to go ahead
> and remove the linux-2.4.22 directory now that i'm finished with it. If I
> need it again (like in chapter 8 to install the kernel) I can unpack the
> tar file at that time. Right?
> -- TT

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