LFS 5.0 chapter 6, removing linux-2.4.22 directory

Tom Scott telecomtom at vedatel.com
Thu Nov 13 10:06:02 PST 2003

I just finished LFS 5.0 chapter 6, section 6.10 "Installing LInux-2.4.22
headers". I assume the same general rule applies here in chapter 6 as it did in
chapter 5, namely, to remove the source directories when I'm finished with them,
unless told otherwise.

The reason I'm a little wary about removing the directory -- other than my
general paranoia about this exciting but rather daunting project -- is this
sentence: "the Linux kernel source tree is often kept around for a long time". I
assume that refers to the source tree after I've finished the whole LFS 5.0
book, not an intermediate source directory that I happen to have unpacked during
chapter 6.

Unless I hear otherwise from someone on this list, i'm going to go ahead and
remove the linux-2.4.22 directory now that i'm finished with it. If I need it
again (like in chapter 8 to install the kernel) I can unpack the tar file at
that time. Right?

-- TT

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