Where is libdb.so.2?

John Gay johngay at eircom.net
Wed Nov 12 10:12:48 PST 2003

On Tue 11 Nov 2003 22:14, Ronald Hummelink wrote:
> On Tue, 2003-11-11 at 23:01, John Gay wrote:
> > I tried installing houdini, but the licencing server fails to start up
> > due to libdb.so.2 missing. A quick search in Debians package list shows
> > this file being part of libc6 provided by glibc? Then when I copied this
> > file from my build host, it now complains that libstdc++-libc6.2-2.so.3
> > is missing?
> I suppose that houdini is a binary package?
Yes. It's a 3D modelling tool. It's been used for small projects like;
Matrix, all three.
and so on . . .

> libdb is Berkeley DB from sleepycat
That makes sense. Is it only from sleepycat's Berkley DB or can it be provided 
by other databases?

> libstdc++-libc6.2-2.so.3 is part of some version of g++ 2.xx
Any particular g++ 2.xx or should I just use the version in BLFS? Speaking of 
which, this does belong on that list. I'll close this here and continue it 


	John Gay

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