VIA Rhine network card problem

Justin Knierim lfs at
Tue Nov 11 13:38:23 PST 2003

On Behalf Of Erik Postma
> This is really too far away from my normal day-to-day stuff, 
> but just a last straw: the routing table? I know that it 
> should be set up by the ifup magic, but since that is acting 
> strange, it might be worth a try. I don't know if that could 
> prevent it from answering pings, though. Anyway, you could 
> try to find out what route -n says.

Yes, I know.  Sorry, this is strange and special stuff to do it all
through ssh.  Anyways, thanks for your help.

Last note, I got it working, but don't ask me why or how.  I gave up
using dhclient as a dhcp client, and installed dhcpcd-1.3.22-pl4.  This
setup, using "/sbin/dhcpcd -d -h HOSTNAME" worked.  -d for log
everything, and -h for hostname of course.  And after booting, I can
actually ping the server!  And when trying to connect with ssh, I get a
nice "Connection refused".  Ahhhh, I never thought a "connection
refused" would be so nice to see.  ;)  So, it seems to be working now.
I will check route -n and see what I can find out.  Since I really want
to know why it did not work before.  Errr.  So, I will investigate, and
let you know if I find anything.  Maybe it just wanted a dhcp client
that was rfc2131 compliant?  Who knows.

So, thanks for the help.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Justin R. Knierim
Lfs at jrknierim dot de

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