[LFS 5.0] Init Scripts

Yann E. MORIN yann.morin.1998 at anciens.enib.fr
Tue Nov 11 02:43:51 PST 2003

Once upon a time (on Tuesday 11 November 2003 00:02), Niek van Balveren wrote :
 > I've got some problems with inittab, well that's what i think it is. See
 > the problem is that when i boot LFS i get the message that Some Init, like
 > init id 1 is respawning to fast. Well i looked that up in the book and
 > what i find out is that it had something to do with inittab. Well that it
 > can't be. I just cut and paste it from the LFS-book. What could possibly
 > be wrong with that?
 > Anyway i took the time and compared it with the init scripts from a debian
 > host, unfortunately this is a BSD kind of init script, so there were some
 > differences but not much, the getty command looked the same and some other
 > stuff. What could possible be wrong? Something in the kernel? Bash?

Are you using devfs? If so, there are a couple things to settle before
it being up'n'running. Those are explained in the devfs hint.

And search the mail archives, the question comes often. Look at that
thread : (this is a single line broken up for mail puprposes)




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