[LFS 5.0] Init Scripts

Shane Shields locutus at all.at
Tue Nov 11 01:49:37 PST 2003

"Niek van Balveren" <admin at a130023.upc-a.chello.nl> wrote in message
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> I've got some problems with inittab, well that's what i think it is. See
> problem is that when i boot LFS i get the message that Some Init, like
> id 1 is respawning to fast. Well i looked that up in the book and what i
> find out is that it had something to do with inittab. Well that it can't
> I just cut and paste it from the LFS-book. What could possibly be wrong
> that?

It means that the program that inittab is calling is crashing or segfaulting
and inittab is trying to restart it. Try to identify the problem program and
then fix/reinstall it. Hint try different run levels and if it is on all of
them it is most probably bash that is the culprit.
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