[LFS 5.0] Init Scripts

Niek van Balveren admin at a130023.upc-a.chello.nl
Mon Nov 10 15:02:46 PST 2003

I've got some problems with inittab, well that's what i think it is. See the
problem is that when i boot LFS i get the message that Some Init, like init
id 1 is respawning to fast. Well i looked that up in the book and what i
find out is that it had something to do with inittab. Well that it can't be.
I just cut and paste it from the LFS-book. What could possibly be wrong with

Anyway i took the time and compared it with the init scripts from a debian
host, unfortunately this is a BSD kind of init script, so there were some
differences but not much, the getty command looked the same and some other
stuff. What could possible be wrong? Something in the kernel? Bash?


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