Segmentation fault problem

Daniel Brewer d.brewer at
Mon Nov 10 14:47:24 PST 2003

Hi there,

I am trying to install LFS 5.  I have installed LFS 3.3,4 and 4.1 
before with no problem.

But now I am having no end of difficulties.  When I try to install 
gcc-3.3.1 (pass1) in the step:
make BOOT_LDFLAGS="-static" bootstrap

Every so often I get something like:
../../gcc-3.3.1/gcc/ra-build.c: 3275: internal compiler error: 
segmentation fault.

If I rerun the command it gets a bit further before coming up with 
something similar
e.g. ../../gcc-3.3.1/gcc/real.c:1720: internal compiler error: 
segmentation fault.

Does this sound like a hardware error?  What do you suggest?

My base install is Chris Lingard's LFS 4.1 CD but I also get similar 
errors with Knoppix.  I also got an error with binutils but rerun the 
command and it compiled fine.

I have tried this a number of times and I do not know what why to turn.

Please help.


Dan Brewer
LFS ID: 5309

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