Success with LFS and USB..

Dale Weber lfs-support at
Mon Nov 10 13:17:29 PST 2003

On Monday 10 November 2003 12:08 pm, S. Anthony Sequeira wrote:

> [To the OP]
> I love it.  If you remember you at first dismissed the URL I posted out of
> hand.  I do so love saying 'I told you so!' ;)

	Yeah yeah, well at first glance the info did not look useful. :P

	However, I did get to thinking later on and went back and purused it much 
closer. And there I found hints to go get and install hotplug and usbutils. 
:D  This is what also led me to dig deeper into the startup scripts of my 
RedHat 9.0 setup, since I knew this was already working there. :D

> Good to hear you are getting there.

	Yes, and it does feel good to be able to do something I can contribute back 
to the LFS/BLFS projects. ;)  I've been working with Linux since kernel 0.98 
or so, and the very earliest Slackware distribution.  Now I can give 
something back, finally. :D

	I sure am learning a LOT more about how Linux works, and this is definitely a 
GOOD thing.

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