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Mon Nov 10 04:56:08 PST 2003

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> 	Greets again!
> 	I am having some success (quite a lot, in fact, I think) getting USB to fire
> up on boot with LFS v5.0 now. ;) I have a working init to start up the USB 
> subsystem, including mouse and keyboard devices. :D  In order to be able to
> actually do this development ON my live LFS, I switched my USB keyboard to 
> the PS/2 keyboard port temporarily.
> 	I also did look over the info on Source Forge folks here pointed me at,
> which 
> led me to find the hotplug and usbutils packages, which I immediately got, 
> built, and installed on my LFS.  Without this critical pointer, I doubt I 
> would have been able to come as far as I have with this project, so THANKS 
> guys!
> 	I looked over the various startup scripts for RedHat 9.0, and found code
> that 
> deals with the USB stuff - I knew it had to be there somewhere, since the USB
> startup works perfectly there. I grabbed this code, adjusted it to work with
> LFS, and now I have a startup script for the USB subsystem.  Right now, my 
> startup script starts and stops the USB subsystem via the standard SysV Init
> mechanism.
> 	All that is left to do to this startup script is quiet it down so it doesn't
> spew out all the device info and such during runs, and make it do the 
> OK/FAILED result codes like the other startup scripts do.
> 	My next step will be to integrate this code into the script that runs before
> everything else does, so the keyboard, mouse, and other hotpluggable USB 
> devices (including mass storage devices) can be ready to go at the earliest
> possible time in the LFS boot process.
> 	Maybe this is something that can be integrated into a future version of the
> LFS book..  I will post more on this as I progress with getting my current 
> startup script integrated into the main LFS startup script(s).
> 	8-Dale
Probably a well structured hint that can be referenced from the LFS book
would be the best thing. Glad to see it's all working for you now!

OT- how do you select lilo/grub options on boot? I have always worried 
about not being able to init=/bin/bash in a worst case scenario, so have 
stayed with ps/2 keyb. How would you do it? Just swap a usb->ps2 adapter
in if you need to I guess is one way.


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