Success with LFS and USB..

Dale Weber lfs-support at
Mon Nov 10 01:23:57 PST 2003

	Greets again!

	I am having some success (quite a lot, in fact, I think) getting USB to fire 
up on boot with LFS v5.0 now. ;) I have a working init to start up the USB 
subsystem, including mouse and keyboard devices. :D  In order to be able to 
actually do this development ON my live LFS, I switched my USB keyboard to 
the PS/2 keyboard port temporarily.

	I also did look over the info on Source Forge folks here pointed me at, which 
led me to find the hotplug and usbutils packages, which I immediately got, 
built, and installed on my LFS.  Without this critical pointer, I doubt I 
would have been able to come as far as I have with this project, so THANKS 

	I looked over the various startup scripts for RedHat 9.0, and found code that 
deals with the USB stuff - I knew it had to be there somewhere, since the USB 
startup works perfectly there. I grabbed this code, adjusted it to work with 
LFS, and now I have a startup script for the USB subsystem.  Right now, my 
startup script starts and stops the USB subsystem via the standard SysV Init 

	All that is left to do to this startup script is quiet it down so it doesn't 
spew out all the device info and such during runs, and make it do the 
OK/FAILED result codes like the other startup scripts do.

	My next step will be to integrate this code into the script that runs before 
everything else does, so the keyboard, mouse, and other hotpluggable USB 
devices (including mass storage devices) can be ready to go at the earliest 
possible time in the LFS boot process.

	Maybe this is something that can be integrated into a future version of the 
LFS book..  I will post more on this as I progress with getting my current 
startup script integrated into the main LFS startup script(s).

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