LFS 5.0 and USB keyboard/mouse

Joel Miller cheeziologist at mail.isc.rit.edu
Sun Nov 9 22:05:44 PST 2003

On Sun, 09 Nov 2003 21:58:59 -0800, Dale Weber 
<lfs-support at thedynaplex.net> wrote:

> On Sunday 09 November 2003 7:25 pm, Joel Miller wrote:
>> did you remember to do a make oldconfig?
> 	I've never done a 'make oldconfig' when building a kernel.  Why would 
> this be
> necessary when I don't have an old config to build?  I did 'make clean'
> before I even started building my kernel - from the exact source tree I 
> built
> my custom RH kernel from.
> 	It is not my kernel that is the problem - it has all the necessary 
> options
> enabled within it.  It's the lack of configuration for the USB and
> hotplugging, as far as I can tell, which I am working on.
> 	8-Dale

clarify for me...are you just using the config from an RH kernel and using 
it with a vanilla kernel or are you using the RH kernel sources with an RH 
kernel config?

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