LFS 5.0 and USB keyboard/mouse

Dale Weber lfs-support at thedynaplex.net
Sun Nov 9 17:09:24 PST 2003

On Sunday 09 November 2003 1:09 pm, Peter Karlsson wrote:
> Are you sure that your kernel has proper support for usb(fs)? /proc is an
> virtual i/f to the kernel internals and created at boot...

	Yes, I have it enabled in my kernel.  To build my LFS kernel, I just copied 
my kernel source tree from my RedHat 9.0 setup, did make clean, and then 
followed the instructions for building it the LFS way.  With the exception of 
removing ext3 support from my LFS kernel, the two kernels are identical.

> For the format of the various /proc/bus/usb/ files, please read
> Documentation/usb/proc_usb_info.txt.

	I definitely need to read this - totally forgot it was even there.  Thanks 
for the reminder. :)

> Please note that this code is completely unrelated to devfs, the
> "/dev file system support".

	It's also possible I do not have all the devices made that I need - will look 
into this further.  If so, I am going to create some scripts to automate all 
the stuff I have to do to get USB working at bootup for LFS, and contribute 
that back to the project.

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