LFS 5.0 and USB keyboard/mouse

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Sun Nov 9 14:33:26 PST 2003

On Sun, 9 Nov 2003, Dale Weber wrote:

> On Sunday 09 November 2003 9:01 am, Andrew Calkin wrote:
> > Do you have the usb supprt directly compiled into the kernel, or as a
> > module? Maybe try compiling it in directly if currently it is a module.
> 	Yes, and in fact, I built my 2.4.22 LFS kernel from the exact same kernel
> tree I built my kernels for RedHat 9.0 from - and these work just fine.  I
> just need to get the right incantations for LFS. :)

Hmmm... it's been awhile since I looked at an RH system, but have you
checked the /etc/sysconfig/* stuff? I have a hunch you'll find the usb
stuff handled in there. I know they do a lot of stuff in that directory,
maybe usb too.

In your other thread, you mentioned you don't have a /proc/usb entry.
I'm not experienced with that stuff, but this sounds wrong. If the stuff
is compiled into the kernel and activated (I know some stuff has to have
a switch set, like "echo '1' >/proc/..."), then directories under /proc
should just be there.

Have you scoped out the documents under linux-2.4.22/Documentation?
maybe something with a clue is in there.

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