To boot lfs with loadlin (please help)

Joel Miller cheeziologist at
Sun Nov 9 10:00:59 PST 2003

On Sun, 09 Nov 2003 13:42:53 +0100, Henri-Robert MASSé <hr.m at> 

> My host system is Debian 3.0 r1, which I start from MS-DOS without any 
> trouble by the following command :
> D:\LOADLIN>loadlin.exe linux1 root=/dev/hda7 rw initrd=initrd1.img
> I built the lfs system (lfs 4.1) after the instructions of the book, but 
> I did not want to use LILO. I copied the image of the lfs kernel in the 
> MS-DOS partition and called it linux2. The partition where lfs was built 
> is /dev/hda6. However the following command does not work :
> D:\LOADLIN>loadlin.exe linux2 root=/dev/hda6 rw
> The system halts practically immediately and there is nothing that can 
> be done except to reboot. May I have to generate with lfs a new initrd 
> image to boot with loadlin ? Thank you for any advice.

are you sure you compiled your kernel with the right processor type?

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