LFS 5.0 and USB keyboard/mouse

Dale Weber lfs-support at thedynaplex.net
Sat Nov 8 23:16:47 PST 2003

	Hi there again,

	I finished building my LFS, and got it to boot to a login prompt a couple 
times. ;)  However, I have a USB keyboard and mouse on this system, and can't 
seem to get the USB working.

	I have this working fine under RedHat 9.0, but don't know how to get the USB 
working for the LFS.  I have /proc mounted first, and the usbfs mounted at 
/proc/bus/usb, however, there seems to be no /proc/bus/usb mount point to 
mount the usbfs at.  Seems like a bit of a problem I don't know quite how to 

	Some assistance is needed. :)

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