What am I wanting to see after make check on glibc.

Pascal J.Bourguignon pjb at informatimago.com
Sat Nov 8 07:17:18 PST 2003

Ronald Hummelink writes:
> On Sat, 2003-11-08 at 06:13, Stephen S wrote:
> > So just what am I wanting to see at the end? Is there actually going to
> > be a message that says that the check finished, that it was OK, a list
> > of error statistics, or what?
> In good unix tradition: silence is good.
> If the make finishes without error message you are fine.

You can always write it as:

    make && echo "IKM03214: PROCESS COMPLETE, NO ERROR"\
         || echo "IKM03219: PROCESS COMPLETE, ERROR(S) FOUND"


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