What am I wanting to see after make check on glibc.

Ronald Hummelink maillist at hummelink.xs4all.nl
Sat Nov 8 02:02:59 PST 2003

On Sat, 2003-11-08 at 06:13, Stephen S wrote:
> This is probably gonna be a real newbie question.
> I've installed distros from CDs and networks. I've compiled from source
> a handful of small programs on my RH7.2~7.3 Linux boxes before this, but
> this is the first time I've done something this serious.
> None of the installations I've done included the "make check" step. The
> instructions for glibc in chapter 5 is the first I've encountered it.
> First run ended up with several errors noted and the cursor blinking at
> the end of a command prompt. The paragraph I'm at says "there will
> likely be errors in this first pass, re-issue the make check command"
> I hit up arrow and enter to run make check again and it looks like it
> started from the beginning. The first run dropped to the command line
> after 10+ hours. (SBU time { } test gave 37 minutes 44+ seconds on a
> P133, 80Meg ram laptop)
> So just what am I wanting to see at the end? Is there actually going to
> be a message that says that the check finished, that it was OK, a list
> of error statistics, or what?

In good unix tradition: silence is good.
If the make finishes without error message you are fine.
Note: in the case of restarting libc make check several times, libc
skips ttests already done, including fails. but you should only really
start to worry in chapter 6.


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