What am I wanting to see after make check on glibc.

Stephen S not at home.nope
Fri Nov 7 21:13:09 PST 2003

This is probably gonna be a real newbie question.

I've installed distros from CDs and networks. I've compiled from source
a handful of small programs on my RH7.2~7.3 Linux boxes before this, but
this is the first time I've done something this serious.

None of the installations I've done included the "make check" step. The
instructions for glibc in chapter 5 is the first I've encountered it.

First run ended up with several errors noted and the cursor blinking at
the end of a command prompt. The paragraph I'm at says "there will
likely be errors in this first pass, re-issue the make check command"

I hit up arrow and enter to run make check again and it looks like it
started from the beginning. The first run dropped to the command line
after 10+ hours. (SBU time { } test gave 37 minutes 44+ seconds on a
P133, 80Meg ram laptop)

So just what am I wanting to see at the end? Is there actually going to
be a message that says that the check finished, that it was OK, a list
of error statistics, or what?

Stephen S.

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