Problems building glibc

Ronald Hummelink maillist at
Fri Nov 7 11:10:10 PST 2003

On Fri, 2003-11-07 at 20:23, Miguel Bazdresch wrote:
> * Dale Weber <lfs-support at> [03-1107 18:51]:
> > 	I just embarked on building an LFS, and it's already proving to be a very 
> > good learning experience.  My host distribution is RedHat 9, and I have setup 
> > a complete partition setup just for my LFS, that mimics the setup I have for 
> > RedHat 9.
> > 
> > 	Everything has gone great until I tried to build glibc.  I am getting the 
> > following messages after I followed the instuctions (or so I thought) for 
> > installing the kernel 2.4.22 header files.
> > 
> > checking size of long double... 12
> > running configure fragment for ../../glibc-2.3.2/sysdeps/i386/elf
> > running configure fragment for ../../glibc-2.3.2/sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux
> > checking for egrep... (cached) grep -E
> > checking installed Linux kernel header files... TOO OLD!
> > configure: error: GNU libc requires kernel header files from
> > Linux 2.0.10 or later to be installed before configuring.
> > The kernel header files are found usually in /usr/include/asm and
> > /usr/include/linux; make sure these directories use files from
> > Linux 2.0.10 or later.  This check uses <linux/version.h>, so
> > make sure that file was built correctly when installing the kernel header
> > files.  To use kernel headers not from /usr/include/linux, use the
> > configure option --with-headers=$LFS/opt/sources/linux keyword without luck 
> > also.
> Without knowing red hat, I'd suspect it doesn't install the kernel
> headers, or at least not in the usual place. I'd look for an rpm
> called "devel-kernel-headers" or similar, or else try to find exactly
> where red hat puts them. One other thing you can try is install the
> headers as per the LFS instructions in a dummy directory, like
> /opt/kheaders, and then point glibc there.

nonono :)

LFS doesn't use the hosts kernel headers. Redhat 9 will work fine from
own experience as well. 

You do not mention which chapter you are, but i suspect chapter 5.
What I think either the copying or one of the make steps before copying
the kernel headers went wrong some way. have you repeated that step
The error tells you to check on version.h; I suggest you take a peek
there :)


> I don't have any idea if this will work, try at your own risk!
> HTH,
> -- 
> Miguel Bazdresch
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waiting down the mountain...

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