sed replacement for gcc-3.3.1-specs-2.patch?

Jörg W Mittag Joerg.Mittag at Web.De
Fri Nov 7 09:17:42 PST 2003

Ray, TD Travis (8878) @ IS wrote:
>     Has anyone created a sed script that acts as a functional replacement
> for the gcc specs patch?

The spec patch is actually a functional replacement for the original
sed script in the Pure LFS Hint.

An updated sed script can be found in Ryan Oliver's PLFS build
scripts, I think.

>     The patch looks to me as if it only updates specific lines and is not
> just a global search/replace, so I hesitate to do that.

It is just a global search and replace. If I remember correctly, it
just does something like

ed gcc/config/${ARCH}/${OS} <<- EOF
	,s@(/lib.*/ld*.so.*)@/${TOOLDIR}\1 at g

But you should check Ryan's scripts for some nicely crafted seds.

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