hijack session/continue when SSH closes

Jörg W Mittag Joerg.Mittag at Web.De
Fri Nov 7 09:03:35 PST 2003

Gottfried Haider wrote:
> Is there a way to 'hijack' a logged in user via SSH and continue the
> session when SSH closes?
> I imagine something like: Linux box runs all the time, when I have some
> spare minutes I connect from the Windows box via SSH and continue and
> when I quit the compilation continues and the environment is preserved
> for future logins.
> Is this possible? Can someone give me some pointers?

Yes, you can use 'screen' for this. Screen is like a window manager
for the console, and you can detach and reattach screen sessions. So,
e.g. you are logging into your Linux box from university during lunch
break and start a screen session. Then you can detach that screen
session and log out, but the session will keep on running as if you
were logged in. Later, you log in via SSH from your Windows box and
reattach the session.

See freshmeat.net for download locations and documentation.

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