inittab question (lfs v5, chapter 6)

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> BTW, I dont exactly know how to get into single user mode, but
> it has something to do with kernel parameters on bootup.

I have this posted on the wall of my room, 'cos I need it so
infrequently the information has usually leaked from my brain.
To boot into single user mode:

'Add the word "single" or "emergency" to the kernel command line"

In Grub, this means hitting 'e' during the boot delay (I have
mine set at 30 seconds, 'cos I'm slow: 'timeout 30' in
/boot/grub/menu.lst) and then editing the kernel line to add
' single' to the end of it.  Then hit 'b' to boot.

N.B. Single user mode is NOT, repeat NOT, a substitute for an
emergency boot floppy.  But it can sometimes help when the
emergency boot floppy has gone walkabout.

Cheers, Richard

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