LFS 5.0 - pre 3

Ken Moffat ken at kenmoffat.uklinux.net
Thu Nov 6 03:01:19 PST 2003

On Thu, 6 Nov 2003, Kevin Alm wrote:

> I recently finished LFS5.0-pre3 and am starting BLFS. The sources and
> patches seem well integrated. No major bugs. Two minor things.
> 1. When describing symlinks to be made, it might be helpful to describe
> them more clearly. Ie, ln -s /path/to/target /path/to/linkname . Copy
> and pasting the text to the command line works fine though.

 I guess you're commenting about things like

ln -s gzip /bin/gunzip

You _should_ type this exactly as the book says.  You are creating a
file (gunzip) in /bin and for the new file you specify its path so that
you don't have to be in that directory to create it.  Now that file is
actually a symlink containing where it links to.  /bin/gunzip is in
/bin, so to find gzip it looks in the current directory.

> 2. After logging in at boot, the console is left in a abnormal state due
> to reserving room at the top of the screen for the penguin graphic. This
> causes man, less, and probably other programs to malfunction. Alt Fn and
> back clears this, as will reset . Clear  won't. I finally resolved this
> by putting a one line shell script (reset -Q) in init.d and calling it
> through the init runlevel system.

You're using a framebuffer.  The easiest way to fix this is to set a
font during the bootscripts.  e.g. within rcsysinit.d call a script
doing something like

 echo "Setting latin0 font..."
 setfont lat0-16

> These were very minor. All in all, well done to the developement team. :)

 Glad you enjoyed it.

Will code payroll for food.

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