One simple question - Moving to target machine?

Malcolm Swall mtswall at
Wed Nov 5 15:06:01 PST 2003

--- LiNewbie <abuse at> wrote:
> I admit I'm a newbie with LFS and don't have much
> experience with Linux in
> general. Going through the book I have one
> question...
> Once you have the LFS system completed, how do you
> move it to the target
> machine (or, if you built the LFS system on the
> target machine, how do you
> remove the original distro you used to build the LFS
> system) cleanly?
Ok, I'll bite....
In mine: the host system (slackware) is in one
partition /dev/hda4 and the LFS is on another

They both boot from the GRUB menu.

To get rid of the host, while in LFS, I erase or
reformat that partition and edit the GRUB to take out
the menu choice - voila, its gone.

If I had to move it to a different machine, I would:
boot linux on the new machine with cdrom or floppy,
setup partition(s), 
copy on the lfs "tree" (cdrom or network connect), 
run GRUB to point the MBR to lfs, and (fingers

As I understand it, you edit the Grub config, run the
GRUB binary, and it then writes itself and the
configuration to the MBR (main boot record?) of the
hard drive.

Hope that helps....

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