One simple question - Moving to target machine?

Crescencio Calderon crescencious at
Wed Nov 5 13:15:02 PST 2003

--- LiNewbie <abuse at> wrote:
> I admit I'm a newbie with LFS and don't have much
> experience with Linux in
> general. Going through the book I have one
> question...
> Once you have the LFS system completed, how do you
> move it to the target
> machine (or, if you built the LFS system on the
> target machine, how do you
> remove the original distro you used to build the LFS
> system) cleanly?

I am also new to LFS, but here are my one penny:

Don't have answer for first question.

Second question:

Let asume that you followed the book, and built your
LFS in a partition of its own. Then after you are
happy withi the boot configuration, network, etc,
while logged as root, umount /dev/xxxx, then mke2fs

In this example, xxxx is the drive partition where the
old distro is installed, ie. hda3. Of course, you
should back-up any data you have on the old distro.
You should leave the old distro in place for a while,
just in case there is problem with the LFS. 

Be advised, you should have a rescue diskette or CD,
in case you screw your LFS and can't boot it.


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