Grub Issues

Brant Langer Gurganus gurganbl at
Wed Nov 5 08:14:38 PST 2003

I have tried looking for an answer at Grub's site and in the LFS lists 
as well as in general Google searches and couldn't find my specific 
issue.  My bootloader would hang during stage 1.5.  I am sure my Grub 
entries were correct because that is the entry that grub gave when I 
used find().  /dev/hda2 is hd(0,1) to Grub.  It would still hang though. 
  It was an ext3 file system which, in theory, should be compatible with 
ext2 file system that was configured in Grub.  Lilo works though.

The best answer I could come up with is that my hardware is too new for 
Grub.  Any ideas?

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