expect -c "spawn ls" unexpected message

fabiosilva fabio.f.silva at itelefonica.com.br
Tue Nov 4 02:38:46 PST 2003

On topic Installing GCC-3.3.1 - Pass 2,  before I mount the $LFS 
partition, if I do the command expect -c "spawn ls" the answer on the 
terminal is "spawn ls".

Now, when I mount the partition $LFS and I do the same command within 
/tools/bin, the answer is:

> ./expect: /lib/ld-linux.so.2: version `GLIBC_PRIVATE' not found 
> (required by /tools/lib/libdl.so.2)
> ./expect: /lib/ld-linux.so.2: version `GLIBC_PRIVATE' not found 
> (required by /tools/lib/libc.so.6)
I am using the Debian 3.0_r1 host system.


Fabio da Silva

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