error with m4 in chapter 6

Bruce bruce at
Sun Nov 2 17:37:39 PST 2003

"Gerard Beekmans" <gerard at> wrote in message
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> On Sun, 2003-11-02 at 16:52, bruce at wrote:
> > root:/sources/m4-1.4/src# gcc -v -c -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I.. -I. -I./../lib
> > stackovf.c
> That didn't work out:
> >        In file included from stackovf.c:79:
> >        m4.h:24:21: config.h: No such file or directory
> I guess some Makefile trickery was used here.
> Even if it had worked, I don't think it would have given any useful
> info.
> Back to square one.
> I'd like to see your m4's configure script output. Remove m4-1.4 source
> dir, unpack again, run configure like so:
> ./configure --prefix=/usr > configure.log 2>&1
> bzip2 that file, send to this list and I'll compare it to a working m4
> run asap. I'll have to go build an LFS system up to m4 first, so give me
> a day or two to get that one. Maybe somebody else can do it quicker and
> can take your configure script, compare it to their own and show you the
> differences which may give us additional clues.
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that sounds good and i do apprecieate all your help I am at home now though.
I am working on my lfs system at work so i will have all of that done
tomorrow. on a side not I have installed lfs 4.1 on this machine 3 seperate
times so I do know it will accept linux it is something new in this version
that it does not like. It hasreally  perked my interest to find out what it

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